11th International Conference on Hydrogen Technologies, 24-25 March 2021

Poster section



Activities of the Joint Programme on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in EERA   
Martin Paidar | Karel Bouzek   
UCT Prague, CZ   
Electric bicycle powered by the hybrid energy source using PEMFC hydrogen-oxygen   fuel cells   
Andrzej Raźniak, Mateusz Łasica   
AGH University of Science and Technology, PL   
Hybrid power source involving 2kW polymer membrane fuel cell stack for   supplying drone   
Andrzej Raźniak   
AGH University of Science and Technology, PL   
Regional hydrogen trains on Czech railways – A   techno-economic analysis   
Federico Zenith   
SiNTEF, N   
MAMA-MEA:   Mass Manufacture of MEAs Using High Speed Deposition Processes   
Martin Biák   
TU Chemnitz, DE   
Indication of proton conduction in the La2-xAxNi1-yFeyO4+δ cathode   materials for SOFC/SOFC-H+   
Artem Gilev   
Ural Federal University, RU   
Material degradation testing in solid oxide electrolysis / fuel cell   
Petra Dvořáková Ruskayová   
Research Center Rez, CZ   
Solid oxide electrolysis / fuel cell loop   
Aleš Kejla   
Research Center Rez, CZ   
Development of an alkaline electrolyzer for storing electric power in   the hydrogen form   
M. Kludský, J. Čermáková, A. Doucek   
UJV Řez, CZ   
Nickel based electrode as cathode catalyst in alkaline water   electrolysis   
Jana Záchenská, Maroš Ábel, Matilda Zemanová   
Slovak University of Technology, SK   
NiCoP cathode catalyst for electrochemical water splitting: Structural   and electrochemical characterization   
Martin Durovic, Jaromir Hnat, Karel Bouzek   
UCT Prague, CZ   
Enhanced photocatalytic H2 production from H2S on metal modified   CdS-ZnS semiconductors   
M.A. Mersel, L. Fodor, O. Horváth   
University of Pannonia, HU    
Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on CoMo- and   MoNi-alloy Modified Nickel Foam Surface   
M. Łuba, M. Kuczyński   
University of Warmia and Mazury, PL   
Multilayered nickel based electrodes applicable for advanced alkaline water electrolyser in a DUAL CELL mode    
Nevelin Borisov   
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences   
Carbon free membrane electrode assemblies with non – noble catalyst for AEMEC    
Galin Borisov   
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences