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11th International Conference on Hydrogen Technologies, 24-25 March 2021


How to log in?

  1. Use the following button in the upper right corner of the website

  2. Use the Email Address which you used to register, and the Password which was sent to you. If you dont remember, you can reset it.

  3. After logging in, you can alter your profile details by clicking on your name in the upper right corner.

Speakers Preview Room

In this step, you need to check your connection and hardware using our preview system.

This step is crucial. Please make sure you go through it.

Please do this test on the network, which you are going to be using to attend the meeting.

  1. Enter SPEAKERS PREVIEW ROOM – IF YOU DONT SEE IT, PLEASE LET US KNOW using our preview system.

  2. Go through the entire 5 step process.

  3. Red text means there is a problem with some of your components and needs to be resolved.

  4. This process checks that:
    • You use the latest version of a supported browser. (Chrome or MS Edge) Older browsers may not be supported! Please make sure to update. Do not use iPhone, iPad or Android phones/tablets. Use a full desktop browser on your laptop or PC.
    • Your connection is stable.
    • Your Camera and Microphone are enabled.

  5. The test will finish with a four digit PIN. This is a sign for you that all went well.

  6. Use the Speaker Preview at the end of the process to see how you will look while presenting.

  7. Make sure Chrome or Edge is NOT MUTED
    • Right click on this icon in your taskbar

    • Select „Open Volume Mixer“

    • Check if Browser is not muted

Your Remote Participation

After going through the previous step, you can check MY REMOTE PARTICIPATION tab.

In this tab, you will see all your sessions, which you actively participate in.

This is where you will be accesing your active sessions during the meeting.

During the Conference

Please join your active session 15 minutes before each session starts.

  • Our technician will welcome you and guide you through the interface.
  • Once your presentation starts, we will run your pre-uploaded slides on our computers and you will be controlling them remotely by the controls for moving slides below the presentation window. You will see a 20-minute countdown (including 15 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes of discussion).
  • After you finish your 15-minute presentation, there will be 5 minutes for live Q&A’s with the session chair who will be asking you on camera questions posted by the participants.

Should you have any questions or requests, please contact us at any time.

On demand access

By default, we keep your presentation available on demand for 6 months after the Conference ends. If you dont want your presentation to be available, please contact us.